Socialization of Business Ethics


As a public company engaged in the distribution and logistics of health products, PT Putera Megatrading Enseval Tbk has a great responsibility to all stakeholders. In keeping with our commitment to continually improve the practice of good corporate governance, we continue to conduct the review and improvement of the management of the company that currently applied.

As a concrete manifestation of the commitment of the Enseval summarizes an ethics guidelines are expected to be the guide for all human Enseval, from the Board of Commissioners, members of committees set up to assist the task of supervision of the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, and all employees of the Company.

It is also a follow up of the Company’s core values ​​have been formulated, which has become a basic act to support good governance in running the Company’s operations.

The Company will disseminate the continuous and comprehensive, so as to form a Enseval human behavior and culture. Stages of socialization has been implemented by the end of 2015 and will be continued in 2016, with an evaluation conducted periodically in accordance with its development.

Here are the details and documentation Socialization of Business Ethics

Date Events Number of Participants Speakers
03 Desember 2015 Enseval Leader Innovation Forum, Head Office (Pulo Lentut 10) All BOD EPMT and subsidiaries BOD (TSJ, GCM, Mitrasana); All GSM dan RBM EPMT; All Manager EPMTTotal: 95 participants. Mr. Djonny Hartono Tjahyadi (EPMT President Director).
13 Januari 2016 Rakernas Direktorat Operation EPMT, Yogyakarta All Regional Business Manager EPMT: 3 participants;All Area Business Manager EPMT: 46 participants;Total: 49 participants. Mr. Handi Halim (IT & Operation Director)
14 Januari 2016 Rakernas PT Tri Sapta Jaya (TSJ), Yogyakarta All Manager and Branch Manager TSJ: 42 participants. Mr. Andi Cella (TSJ Director)





Enseval believe that good governance, consistently applied in the form of a code of conduct for all Enseval employee, will be a solid foundation to bring Enseval achieve better performance and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

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