EPMT Extraordinary General Meeting 2017 Result


Extraordinary General Meeting Result


The Board of Directors of PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk (“the Company”) hereby announce that on November 30, 2017, the Company has convened an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meetings”). In order to comply with Regulation of the Financial Services Authority No. 32 / POJK.04 / 2014 on the Plan and Implementation of the Company’s Open Shareholders General Meeting (“OJK Rules”), the Company presents a summary of the minutes of the Meeting as follows:
A. Place, date and time of the Meeting:
Day / Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017.
Venue: EPM Function Room, Building A Floor II,
Jl. Swamp Gelam IV number 6,
Pulogadung Industrial Estate, East Jakarta.
Hours: 09.55 – 10.10 WIB.

B. Point of Meeting
Changes in the composition of the Company’s Board of Directors.

C. The meeting is chaired by Mr. BUDI DHARMA WREKSOATMODJO, as President Commissioner of the Company and attended by members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors as follows:
– Members of the Board of Commissioners of the Company present at the Meeting:
-President Commissioner: Mr. BUDI DHARMA WREKSOATMODJO;
-Commissioner: Mr. HERMAN WIDJAJA;
-Commissioner: Mr. SANADI BOENJAMIN;
-Commissioner and Independent Commissioner: Mr. JOHANES BERCHMAN APIK IBRAHIM;
-Commissioner and Independent Commissioner: Mrs. NINA GUNAWAN;

– Members of the Board of Directors of the Company present at the Meeting:
-President Director: Mr. DJONNY HARTONO TJAHYADI;

D. The Meeting has been attended by shareholders and / or shareholder representatives representing 2,582,794,395 shares or 95.35% of 2,708,640,000 shares representing all shares with valid voting rights issued by the Company.

E. Shareholders and shareholder representatives are given the opportunity to ask questions and / or opinions for the agenda of the Meeting, but no shareholder and shareholder attorney ask questions and / or opinions.

F. The decision making mechanism in the Meeting is as follows:
Decision-making throughout the eyes of the event is done based on deliberations for consensus, in the case of deliberations for consensus is not reached, decision-making is done by voting.

G. Result of voting for the Eye of Meeting:

– No shareholder and attorney of the shareholders present in the Meeting, which provides abstention (blank) votes;
– No shareholder or his attorney present at the Meeting, who voted in disagreement;
– All shareholders or their proxies present at the Meeting shall vote in favor.
– So that the decision is approved by the Meeting by deliberation for consensus.

H. The Meeting Decisions are as follows:

1. Accept the resignation of Madame AMELIA BHARATA and express her gratitude for her services, and grant the acquittal and full repayment (acquit et de charge) for the acts of management which have been made during her term of office, as long as the action is reflected in a book or the Company’s records including the annual report of the Company which has been approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and taking into account the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Company to appoint Mr. HANDI HALIM as Independent Director, so that the composition of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company shall be effective from the closing of this Meeting until the closing of the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in 2018, is as follows:
Board of Directors:
President Director: Mr. DJONNY HARTONO TJAHYADI.
Independent Director: Mr. HANDI HALIM.

2. To grant authority and power with substitution rights to the Board of Directors of the Company to perform all actions related to the change of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company mentioned above including but not limited to make or request to be made and to sign all deeds made before the Notary, be authorized and perform any necessary action in respect of such decisions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Jakarta, December 5, 2017
Board of Directors of the Company
PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk

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