PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk launch EMOS (Enseval Mobile Order System.

Launching EMOS 1

Jakarta – Kelapa Gading Club, 8 August 2016, as one of the innovations made, PT Putera Megatrading Enseval Tbk officially launches Android application and web order EMOS (Enseval Mobile Order System). In the opening ceremony was attended by the Enseval directors including Mr. Djonny Hartono Tjahyadi as president director, Mr. Handi Halim as IT director, Mr. Patrick Atmadjaja as director of sales, Ms. Yuniati Rachmat as director of HRGA, Mr. Stanley Handiono as director of SCM, along with invited guests a group of directors of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, Mr. Bujung Nugroho, Mr. Yusuf Hady and also more than 250 invited guests outlet owner.

Launching EMOS 2

In the inaugural explained by Mr. Timotius Samanuli as Business Development General Manager, lifestsyle not be separated from the gadgets and the internet. Based on the research, 51% of people in Jakarta use the gadget to connect to the internet, where they use the internet to access mobile content, entertainment by 36%, and by 32% lifestyle. Its growth was expected to reach 35% within the next 5 to 10 years. It is a reference for Megatrading Tbk PT Putera Enseval in doing business innovations in the present and future. Through EMOS customers are given ease in ordering products. In addition, customers can also obtain information regarding order status, review the details of the transaction, receivables information, upload mail order, and also get a tax invoice. and then proceed demo of mobile apps by Mr. Bambang Bayu Aji as Leader EMOS Developer.

On the occasion also delivered a presentation on the Distribution Financing Bank BCA and Bank Mandiri, which has cooperated with PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk hosted by Mr. Wawan Hartadi as a finance manager, and then followed by a presentation by Mr. Tax Amnesty Bachtiar Parlin Sinaga as Tax Manager.

The event was filled with question and answer sessions, registration and information about EMOS, Distribution Financing and Tax Amnesty, then continued with a dinner together.

PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk, Innovation for better service.


Enseval Mobile Order System, Fast, Flexible, Infomative!!

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