Our Experience Create Our Excellence 

More than 40 years of experience, makes Enseval excellence.

Enseval always provides creative and innovative solutions in distribution process, to overcome geographical condition of Indonesian archipelago and lower quality of infrastructure in Indonesia, for the availability of products to fulfill market demand.

Our sophisticated infrastructures and faciilities, being supported by Our reliable delivery fleets, will bring faster Products of Our Principals  to the consumers.

Enseval covers all type of outlets

General/Traditional Trade Channel: wholesalers, retail, supply stores, food and beverage stores, fruit stores, cosmetic stores, etc.
Modern Trade Channel: Hypermarket, supermarket, mini market, department store, etc.
Ethical Trade Channel: pharmacy, drug store, hospital, laboratorium – clinic, institution, etc.

By considering the future prospect in healthcare products business, Enseval continuously inovates the working process, expands the facilities, renewal the infrastructures  to maintain its excellence and become a benchmark of qualified process in distributing healthcare products in Indonesia.