Our Remarkable Facilities are Manifestation of Our Commitment to Provide Excellent Services

Our Distribution and Logistics Facilities, in form of branch office and warehouse facilities with modern architecture, now has been scattered in 46 locations, from Banda Aceh in west part of Indonesia, to Jayapura in east part of Indonesia. We also have 2 (two) regional distribution center (RDC), located in 2 (two) major cities of Indonesia, Jakarta and Surabaya.


In every branch office, qualified facilities are avaiable for maximizing coordination between principals’ representation with our personil in branch office.

fasilitas distribusi dan logistik 2

branch warehouses and RDC warehouses, are equipped with international standard facilities and supported by advanced information technology.Chiller room, even container chiller, are provided to ensure the quality of products of principals those required special placement condition, is maintain properly. Cool Room and Ambient Room are also provided.

fasilitas distribusi dan logistik

Full ownership on those facilities, give us flexibility to expand and to  enlarge the capacity, as a solution of healthcare product business growth, also to comply with standard requirement from our principals or the regulator.

All operational activities in our facilities, are supported by implementation of advanced information technology.


Geographical Information System (GIS) helps Enseval to make better planning in distribution process of products, from our branches to our customers in order to make the process more efficient and products can be received faster by customers.