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PT Enseval was established in October 1973 with the separation of distribution division from the marketing and production division of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk and its subsidiaries. As it expanded, PT Enseval grew into a general distributor, dealing not only in pharmaceutical products but also with a wide range of consumer products and medical devices, even serving as an agent and distributor for chemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. In line with the growth of Indonesia's economy, PT Enseval also diversified into a number of other types of business aside from trading and distribution.

When management made a decision to return to its core business in 1993, all of the trading and distribution business activities were transferred to PT Arya Gupta Cempaka, a Company established in 1988, which later, on 6 August 1993, changed its name to PT Enseval Putera Megatrading.

On 1 August 1994, The Company was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange as PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk.

The Company's activities are focused on distribution and trading services, and it consists of four divisions:

  • The pharmaceutical products sales and distribution division
  • The consumer products, over the counter products and nutrition sales and distribution division
  • The medical devices marketing and distribution division
  • The marketing and sales division of chemical products as raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries and veterinary needs

Until today, The Company has had 42 fully operational branches throughout Indonesia. The existing branches extend from Banda Aceh to Jayapura. The Company also has adequate infrastructure to support the smooth logistical operations: two Regional Distribution Centers, with large warehouse facilities, located in Jakarta and Surabaya; individual branch warehouses and distribution fleets; and a complete complement of personnel to support all operational activities and to meet the needs of both our suppliers (Principals) and our customers (Outlets).

At present, the Company has more than 100 suppliers (Principals) and directly supplies to more than 200,000 outlets throughout Indonesia.
As at year end 2008, the Company had 5 subsidiaries :

  • PT Tri Sapta Jaya
  • PT Millenia Dharma Insani
  • PT Enseval Medika Prima
  • PT Global Chemindo Megatrading
  • PT Renalmed Tiara Utama

PT. Tri Sapta Jaya, which also operates in the distribution sector for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, expands pharmaceutical distribution to lower market segments and more remote areas.

PT. Millenia Dharma Insani was established in 2003, starting only with pharmacy but then expanded to become clinic with the name of Mitrasana. Mitrasana Clinic, providing economical but integrated health facilities, consisting of clinic, pharmacy, laboratory and mini market, which now also offer hemodialysis treatment. With its vision to become the Indonesian family choice for clinic with service excellence at an affordable price, Mitrasana clinic expanded its single clinic to become 13 clinics in 2009 in Jakarta and its greater area.

In an effort to broaden the Company's business in the marketing and trading of medical devices, The Company established a subsidiary named PT. Enseval Medika Prima in November 2007. This subsidiary officially commenced business in October 2008 with focus on the marketing of medical devices and diagnostic product and devices.

PT Global Chemindo Megatrading, also established in November 2007 is a subsidiary in the business of raw material trading. The Company will be focused on raw material trading to both group and non-group customer. PT Global Chemindo Megatrading commenced its business independently in October 2008.

Diversifying in the provision of healthcare services, the Company established PT Renalmed Tiara Utama in July 2008 and acquired from a third party a business which provides hemodialysis machine and associated supplies for kidney failure patients to hospitals and clinics. Upon acquisition of that business in October 2008, PT Renalmed Tiara Utama then officially commenced its business


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